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An Echo, A Stain

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This year has been such a ride :p

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Manta Rays Maldives

get to know me meme -[10/?] Favorite RPDR contestants

Alaska Thunderfuck 



We recently had the pleasure of working with Morgana and are proud to present the first picture from our photo shoot. She’s wearing the Serena bridal corset, which was lovingly hand beaded with approximately 3,000 Swarovski and glass beads! 

Corset:  Vanyanís
Model:  Threnody In Velvet
Photography © Iberian Black Arts

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Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright 


Work of Elek Falus, end-paper of a book. Hungarian Art Nouveau, called Secession. Book of Applied Arts. Chapter: New Art of 20th Century.


Design for Tulip and Willow printed textile
William Morris
pencil, watercolor, and bodycolor
Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

in-the-end-we-will-be-one tagged me in a thing, thanks little one ♥

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Name: Paula.

Nickname: I don’t have one :/

Birthday: 11th of April.

Sexuality: I surriously have no clue no mo’. At the moment I’m into a singular man.

Height: 173cm.

Timezone: GMT +2.

Average hours of sleep each night: Anything from 3 to 13.

The last thing I googled: How the hell do you get from Fredrikinkatu to Savoy theater in Helsinki.

First word that comes to mind: Like anything’s gonna come to mind after a question like this.

One place that makes me happy and why: ”My bed because it’s comfy as hell”

How many blankets do you sleep under: One blanket.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Maleficent.

Three things I can’t live without: Music, travels and food.

Something I plan on learning: I need to learn to not let things get to me so easily, and not care about petty things and be the bigger person.

A piece of advise I’d give my followers: Don’t get in a relationship with a person you don’t have the butterflies for.

All of you have to listen to this song: Kuolemanjärvi by Kotiteollisuus.

I’m tagging tiutiutipitii, hoffnungslos, boyinberlin, louswires, xystitch and missnuski